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In the past, selecting a backup power system meant choosing between a small generator that would meet only a fraction of your family's typical power needs and a much larger, more costly unit that could meet every possible power need. No more.

GE 7kW


Give yourself and your family the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if the power goes out, your lights will still be on. The 7kW Home Generator System by GE keeps the essentials powered. The lights stay on. The refrigerator keeps things cold. The furnace keeps you toasty warm on a cold winter’s night. The sump pump and well pump keep pumping. The compact design is comparable in size to a standard central air unit and blends in beautifully with your home’s exterior and landscaping.

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GE 11-13kW

GE HGS 11-13kW

With their sleek, compact profiles, the 11kW and 13kW Home Generator Systems by GE add a new dimension to “Powering More with Less.”
Perfect for smaller to medium-sized homes, these systems ensure that when the power goes out, the symphony of your family’s daily life keeps playing. The patented SymphonyTM II Power Management System allows you to meet the power needs of your whole house–including up to two central air conditioners – with a smaller, more affordable unit.
And with a footprint that is 15% smaller than our other whole house systems, these units blend in beautifully with your home’s exterior and landscaping.

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GE 17-20kW

GE HGS 17-20kW

Our new GE 17kW and 20kW Standby Generator is our smartest generator ever. Featuring ground-breaking power management technology, advanced safeguarding features that meet rigorous industry fire protection standards, and a unique air flow design that makes this our quietest generator yet.

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GE 30-48kw

Liquid Cooled

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-square-footage, high-tech homes, the 30kW and new increased power rating 48kW Home Generator Systems by GE ensure that, when the power goes out, all of life's luxuries -- little and big -- remain at your fingertips.

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